Following are some of the questions most frequently asked by prospective clients:

The typical family we serve has more than $5 million in assets. Clients who wish to take advantage of certain alternative investments through BluePointe are required to be qualified purchasers (minimum $5 million net worth).

Our clients have a choice of opening accounts at either Schwab Institutional or Fidelity Investments – both are highly respected and reputable third-party custodians.

BluePointe is a fee-only advisor. Our fees are scaled and based on assets under management.

No, we do not receive commissions or any hidden compensation.

After the initial consultative process, which can involve five to six meetings over a 90-day period, we meet as often as the client requests.

Yes, our clients have online access via our client portal or directly through our custodians’ portals, where you can view portfolios, download statements, etc.