Why BluePointe

Why BluePointe

BluePointe Capital Management is a leader among Bay Area investment advisory firms specializing in helping entrepreneurs realize their financial goals.  

The following are just a few of our key differentiators:

Fee-Only Compensation Structure

Our fee-only structure ensures that investment decisions are in our clients’ best interests. Your financial success is our only goal. We truly sit on your side of the table and make decisions that put your interests first.

Focus on Essentials

Financial advisory firms tend to overcomplicate their relationships with clients with tedious processes. Oftentimes, this does more harm than good by obstructing the flow of action, overwhelming you and depleting your resources. At BluePointe, we are protective of your time and money, which is why efficiency is part of our team philosophy. We never recommend taking actions “just because.” Our practice is based on achieving strong fundamentals first – we only address additional services if they’re required.

Preferential Access

Through our relationships with leading asset managers, hedge funds, funds-of-funds and private equity firms, we can provide access to some investments at lower minimums, either through direct investment or via one of our separate BluePointe investment vehicles. Our clients also benefit from the strength of our network outside of the industry. When there’s an additional need, we are happy to activate our network on your behalf.