Wealth Management

BluePointe Capital Management understands the financial nuances that come with success. We’ve spent 17 years helping entrepreneurs, executives, VC/PE professionals, family offices and other affluent individuals realized their financial goals – no matter how ambitious – and we can provide advice, resources and support to you for every phase of your journey.

Our wealth management approach is a combination of three vital elements:

Investment Consulting (IC)

Investment consulting is the astute management of investments over time to achieve financial goals. It requires an advisor to have a deep understanding of their clients’ most important challenges, and the ability to design an investment plan that takes risk tolerance and time horizon into account, to maximize the probability of achieving our clients’ financial goals. BluePointe monitors our client portfolios, as well as our clients’ financial circumstances, over time so we can make prudent adjustments when necessary.

Advanced Planning (AP)

Advanced planning goes beyond investments – it’s the consideration of all additional aspects that are important to a successful financial future. These include wealth transfer, wealth protection and charitable giving, which we believe are the cornerstones of a solid financial plan.

Relationship Management (RM)

As true wealth managers, we focus on building relationships within three groups:

  • Our clients: We foster solid, trusted relationships to effectively address our clients’ needs.
  • Our network of financial professionals: These are specialists we can reach out to for assistance with specialized client needs.
  • Our clients’ other professional advisors: We work in concert with our clients’ estate planning attorneys and accountants to ensure that the financial strategies implemented are consistent with their overall financial growth and preservation plan.