6 Financial Tips to Weather Uncertain Times

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Given the current economy, we understand that many people are grappling with uncertainty and anxiety about their financial situation. The following are some tips to help you weather the financial storm.

  • Ensure you have ample liquidity to meet personal needs (consider six months or more depending on your situation).
  • Creating liquidity. Think about how to strategically create liquidity among different asset classes, such as stocks/bonds, real estate, and what to liquidate first.
  • Cash is king! Those with extra liquidity should be thinking about systematically investing in these markets.
  • If you haven’t contributed to your Roth or Traditional IRA yet, this could be the time to do so, and invest systematically.
  • Utilize tax-loss harvesting as a strategy to book losses by selling positions that are negative and buying positions that provide a roughly similar type of exposure.
  • Consider gifting assets to family members.

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